Who is Olomwaay?

Olomwaay (olom-why) is a Refaluwasch (Carolinian) word that means "Peace, God bless, and thank you." A long time ago, our great aunt Florencia Kaipat Seman, who was involved in creating the very first Carolinian dictionary, was asked if Carolinians had their own word for "thank you." (Carolinians typically used "ghilisow" (hili-so), which is actually Chuukese). When she mentioned the word Olomwaay, she was laughed at, and it was rejected because it sounded like another less socially acceptable word. She was a bit hurt by that. When she told me that story, I vowed to promote the word as much as possible in her honor. So it was my only choice when it came time to name our band and company."--Gus Kaipat"

Olomwaay Mission Statement

"It's our calling to share indigenous Refaluwasch and Chamorro music with the world. We're also committed to preserving those cultures by telling our own stories."--Gus Kaipat


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Olomwaay CDs and DVDs

"A spectacular visual and acoustical accomplishment!"

Lieweila: A Micronesian Story aka "The Carolinians on Saipan DVD

Lieweila: A Micronesian Story: Narrated by Cinta Kaipat, a descendant of the first migrants, "The film tells the history of Refalawasch beginning with details of the early migrations and ending with the current situation in which the people from the northern islands now live on a Saipan that has become a Mecca for tourism, cheap Asian labor, and land developers. In this environment, it is difficult for the story of Refalawasch to remain relevant, and yet, as the film shows, there is a continuing effort to keep the story alive. The film's narration is clear and personal. It is the voice of a woman who is part of the story and who works on behalf of her people's interest. Although I can hardly get past its personal appeal to me, I think the film has broad educational value, especially in the context of learning about the struggle of Pacific Island people to hold on to their traditions in the face of wave after wave of economic and cultural colonization." --Fred Blake, Professor of Anthropology, University of Hawaii [Courtesy of the Landlocked Films website]

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"We sold 2,000 copies in 3 days!
....And then we were banned from the airwaves!"*

The Olomwaay Band! "She Gave us Love!" CD

The OLOMWAAY Band, formed in 1995, broke into the island music scene when it won the grand prize for the first annual Battle of the Bands in 1998... Solid as a bond - - But local fans simply know Olomwaay as the name of their favorite band that gave them the popular local hit She Gave Us Love. Experience the versatility and emotion of one of the best bands the South Pacific has to offer! *"...People were requesting it so often that the station manager at a local station had to limit how often it was played to be fair to the other artists."--Gus Kaipat, from a Saipan Tribune article

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SPECIAL:Lieweila DVD & Olomwaay CD

Lieweila DVD & Olomwaay CD

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"Fantastic historical detail, in word and images, is woven into a general treatment of how the Carolinians have come to be where they are at this point in time... A spectacular visual and acoustical accomplishment."
--Jeff Marck, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University

"This is a lovely film, one of the best I have seen concerning Micronesia."
--Karen Peacock, Archivist, Pacific Collection, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
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